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5 Reasons Real Estate Agents are Smarter than the Internet

Do you ever feel like your clients trust the internet more than they trust you? From articles on how to buy a house and virtual home tours, buyers often turn to the internet for guidance. Home buyers are seduced by real estate websites that create the illusion that home buying can be as fast and easy as emailing. To showcase the value you bring as a trained (human) professional (not a robot) here are 5 points to discuss with clients that reveal the shocking truth that you are smarter than the internet.

1. Smart real estate agents don’t wait for the perfect home to magically appear on or A resourceful real estate professional identifies potential dream homes for their clients before those properties show up on popular websites. A great agent has connections with home builders and has access to pocket listings not available on popular websites.

2. The internet offers generic advice about how repairs and upgrades impact the sale price. Only someone with insight into the local market can tell a home seller what repairs and upgrades are worth the time and money based on the current market conditions, comparable houses for sale, and buyer expectations. After all, home buyers do not expect high-end appliances in a low-budget fixer-upper.

3. Websites like Yelp make it frustrating to search online for local professionals. They bombard readers with a flood of random businesses that are not local, not relevant, or not credible because the business pays for advertising with that website. As an expert on the house buying and selling process, you are more credible than the internet. You have first-hand knowledge of the quality of work of local mortgage lenders, movers, repair services, etc. You can easily help clients find the right people for the job.

4. Your clients aren’t just buying a new house they are buying a lifestyle. As a dedicated professional, you identify your clients wants and needs to understand what houses and neighborhoods are the best fit for them. As a local real estate agent, you are an insider who knows where to find the best schools, coffee shops, scenic parks, and places to shop to decorate their new home. Introducing buyers to nearby amenities gets them more excited about being a part of that neighborhood.

5. Home buying is complicated, (we're talking rocket science complicated). An experienced real estate agent simplifies the home buying process by guiding clients through tasks, like plowing through piles of legal forms, understanding the home inspection report, and negotiating on the client's behalf to get the best deal. The role of a real estate agent is to provide valuable advice to help clients make smart decisions and avoid expensive and time-consuming mistakes.

Ultimately the internet can provide home sellers and buyers with information, but it can't provide the kind of valuable insight and personal attention that an experienced real estate agent can. As an agent, you are a reliable guide who shares the journey and supports your clients in making all the right moves.

Want to connect with internet-obsessed clients? Visit my Work with Me page to discover how we can work together to impress clients by showcasing the unique benefits of working with you.


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