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Marketing is Easy when You Work with Me 

Written content that appeals to your ideal clients starts with a smart strategy. To create great content for you, I need to know how the blog posts or newsletter I create will help grow your business. For best results, consider the following questions.

  • What is the goal of the content? Are you building your referral business by reaching out to clients who would be happy refer friends and family? Interested in enhancing your personal brand to stand out from the competition or position yourself as an expert for a specific demographic?

  • Who is your audience? New home buyers looking for a luxury home, first time home buyers, or retirees ready to downsize? Are you introducing yourself to new clients and aiming to gain their trust?

  • How does customized content fit in with your overall marketing strategy? Are you adding content to your website to maximize your social media efforts by linking blog post to your social media outlets? Are you branding yourself as the go-to real estate agent for desirable neighborhoods with newsletters that focus on amenities near that neighborhood?

  • What are some of the most common questions and concerns that come up when talking with your clients? What are the most desirable features, locations and attractions that appeal to the kind of clients you want to attract?  

Choose the Right Content for Best Results

As your real estate writer, learning about your market helps me identify the best topics for your web site blog or print newsletter. As you provide topics and specific content ideas for your website, I can produce rich content about things designed to engage your reader and influence them to take a desired action. Updating your web site with regular blog posts helps you connect with clients and keeps you top of mind. Here are examples of engaging content that attracts clients and build your business.

  • Neighborhood Profile -  Present yourself as a trusted neighbor with content that focuses on what makes a neighborhood desirable such as shopping, being close to interstate, tree lined streets etc.

  • Neighborhood news – Position yourself as a trusted local professional with a neighborhood newsletter that talks about events, attractions and amenities specific to a desirable location.

  • Community newsletter – Show your support for amenities affluent clients love with a community newsletter focusing on local lifestyle events and attractions, throughout Johnson County and the greater KC metro area

  • Design home trends - Showcase high end homes for sale in the form of entertaining lifestyle articles picturing extra rooms being used as home office, or homes with the best curb appeal for example.


Pricing information for blog posts and articles

The property and lifestyle blog posts and articles I write range from about 500 words to 1,500. The best article length will vary depending on your audience and marketing goals. Here are the more common blog post word counts and associated costs. 

  • 500 word article or blog post starting price is $250.00

  • 1,000 word article or blog post starting price is $450.00

  • 1,500 word article or blog post starting price is $650.00

Let’s Work Together

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