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Attract clients with professional written listing descriptions and blog posts.

What I need to do a great job for you

Written content that appeals to your ideal clients starts with a smart strategy. To create great content for you, I need to know how the blog posts or newsletter I create will help grow your business. For content that takes your thriving real estate business to even highler levels of success, consider the following questions.

  • What is the goal of the content? Are you building your referral business by reaching out to clients who would be happy refer friends and family? Interested in enhancing your personal brand to stand out from the competition or position yourself as an expert for a specific demographic?

  • Who is your audience? New home buyers looking for a luxury home, first time home buyers, or retirees ready to downsize? Are you introducing yourself to new clients and aiming to gain their trust?

  • How does customized content fit in with your overall marketing strategy? Are you adding content to your website to maximize your social media efforts by linking blog post to your social media outlets? Are you branding yourself as the go-to real estate agent for desirable neighborhoods with newsletters that focus on amenities near that neighborhood?

  • What are some of the most common questions and concerns that come up when talking with your clients? What are the most desirable features, locations and attractions that appeal to the kind of clients you want to attract?  

MLS Description Sample

As you cruise up the driveway that gently curves through the rolling field of lush green lawn to arrive at the grand stoned covered entrance, the traditional European elegance and fine finishes transport you to another place, like an Italian villa. Located in (popular city) Kansas, the 8,000 square feet, five bedroom, three bath house was expertly crafted with great attention to materials and design.

​Hand-crafted front doors made of solid wood framed by the natural stone wall offer a warm welcome. As you stroll through the inviting entryway to the sunlit living spaces, the sophisticated design is brought to life with high-end finishes including hardwood floors and hand-plastered walls. Antique beams and architectural accents give the home its hand crafted character.

A spacious living area provides ample room for comfortable seating for casual everyday living and welcoming guests. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with light and provides a picturesque view of the lush backyard. When it’s chilly outside you can relax in the warm glow of the architectural fireplace and curl up with a good book.

The heart of the home boasts natural materials rich in style. Wood cabinets, tumbled marble counters, and finishes in nature-inspired colors lend a rustic flair to this functional and attractive kitchen. High-end appliances and a spacious pantry make it easy impress family and friends with delicious meals.

​The primary bedroom provides a serene retreat. The spa-inspired bathroom is complete with two sinks, a vintage style vanity crowned with a generous countertop, a walk in shower and high end fixtures. The four other bedrooms and 2 other bathrooms take their cues from the primary bedroom with an emphasis on generous spaces including walk in closets.

The attention to design and natural materials seen inside the house continues to outside spaces. Stacked stone borders a refreshing blue pool topped with a decorative fountain. Dive into the gorgeous pool and cool off on a sizzling summer day. Wander through colorful gardens in this natural outdoor oasis. If this looks like your dream home, contact Realtor Name with Realtor Company at (913) 000-0000 or visit

Pricing information for MLS descript

The MLS descriptions range from 150 to 300 words. The length will vary depending on your audience and marketing goals.  The MLS sample featured here is 350 words.

  • 200 word property description $150.00

  • 250 word property description $200.00

  • 300 word property description $250.00

  • 350 word property description $300.00

What I need to do a great job for your MLS description

  • Provide 6 to 8 pictures of the property

  • List features to highlight such as high end finishes, architectural elements or special amenities

  • Essential facts - number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, size of garage (one car, two car etc.)

  • The property address

Blog posts and print articles

As your real estate writer, understanding about your target market helps me identify the best topics for your web site blog or print newsletter. As you provide topics and specific content ideas for your website, I can produce rich content about things designed to engage your reader and influence them to take a desired action. Updating your web site with regular blog posts helps you connect with clients and keeps you top of mind. Here are examples of engaging content that attracts clients and build your business.

  • Neighborhood Profile -  Present yourself as a trusted neighbor with content that focuses on what makes a neighborhood desirable such as shopping, being close to interstate, tree lined streets etc.

  • Community newsletter – Show your support for amenities affluent clients love with a community newsletter focusing on local lifestyle events and attractions, throughout Johnson County and the greater KC metro area

  • Design home trends - Showcase high end homes for sale in the form of entertaining lifestyle articles picturing extra rooms being used as home office, or homes with the best curb appeal for example.

  • Home buying and selling tips - Offer insights that deliver better results for the home buying and selling process

Blog Post Sample


Home Staging Secrets for a Faster Sale in the Spring

Spring is a great time for fresh starts. If your fresh start includes making the move to a new home this spring, it's time to refresh your home staging strategy for a faster sale. Traditional home staging focuses on removing clutter you don't want in your new home. Seasonal home staging takes decluttering to a whole new level by removing seasonal items that are taking with you to your new home.

Make closets look bigger by removing heavy coats, thick sweaters, boots, and winter accessories from closets. Store bulky clothing in empty luggage cases. For more storage use under bed containers. Home buyers care more about the space in your closet than the space under your bed. If your home is too small to conceal the fact that you have more stuff than storage space, consider offsite storage.

Spring cleaning takes top priority when aiming to get top dollar for your house. Start from the outside by power washing dirt off the exterior. Let the light in and let your home shine with clean windows. Take advantage of the nice weather and air out the space. Open windows and invite spring breezes in to remove stale air and release unpleasant odors. The one scent that does appeal to potential home buyers is the smell of a freshly cleaned house. Use the same plant-based all-purpose cleaner for surfaces in different areas of your home for a consistently pleasant and natural scent.

Turn seasonal produce into eye candy. Grab a bowl from your kitchen cabinet, fill it with bright red apples or oranges, and let the tasty bowl take center stage on a clutter-free kitchen counter. If your dining area features a dark wood dining table, brighten it up with a light-colored tablecloth. A simple tablecloth makes the perfect backdrop to a centerpiece of a vibrant bouquet of fresh flowers. A cheerful spring bouquet picked up at your local farmer's market gives the space a more inviting feeling.

Lighten up your space quickly and cheaply with fabrics. Heavy drapes block light and look out of season in the spring. Pull back the drapes and let the natural light pour in. You can't make a giant recliner disappear, but you can make it less conspicuous. Visually lighten dark couches and chairs by draping them with light-colored cotton throws. In the bedroom, replace busy patterned sheets with crisp white sheets for a luxury hotel effect. Add a cotton throw in complementary light or bright colors folded across the bottom of the bed.

You don't have to be a master gardener to greet home buyers with an eye-catching array of lush plants and flowers. Stock up on low-maintenance spring plants from local nurseries to highlight the entrance and attractive features of your front yard. Attract attention to the home's entrance by placing container plants in attractive pots near the front door, bordering the edge of the entry floor with brilliant blooms or pots of hanging plants if the entrance has a covered porch. Increase your curb appeal by strategically placing colorful plants where they will have the greatest impact. Bright blooms planted at the base of a healthy tree, trimming the edge of the walkway or accenting some attractive landscape features.

Embrace the spring season to create a great first impression. Even a small entryway can be welcoming when outfitted with a decorative metal bistro set. A traditional bistro set with two chairs and a small table in between implies mornings spent leisurely sipping coffee. Metal and wood furnishings enhance the feeling of stability and putting down roots. Plastic outdoor furniture looks cheap and temporary. The only thing scarier than plastic furniture is an entrance infested with spider webs, dead leaves, and dirt. Spiderwebs are fine for Halloween, but when selling your house focus on spring cleaning and keep your front entrance swept.

Buyers aren't looking for a house, they are looking for a home. The more inviting and cheerful you make your home look and feel inside and out, the more encouraged home buyers are to imagine themselves happily living there. Use these spring home staging secrets and your house will look and feel like a welcome breath of fresh air to house hunters.

Pricing information for blog posts 

The property and lifestyle blog posts and articles range from about 500 words to 1,500. The above blog post is 700 words. The article length will vary depending on your audience and marketing goals. Here are the more popular blog post word counts and associated costs. 

  • 500 word article or blog post starting price is $350.00

  • 700 word article or blog post starting price is $450.00

  • 1,000 word article or blog post starting price is $550.00

  • 1,500 word article or blog post starting price is $650.00

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