The Lazy Way to Get Organized

Organizing should be so simple and easy that even when you don't feel motivated to tackle a big organizing project you still make progress in organizing your home. Sometimes when I didn't feel like organizing I would ask myself "What is the least amount of effort I can put into organizing and still see results? This lazy attitude led to a strategy I call "One Thing" organizing. Put simply, I do one thing to organize my space as I come across areas where I need to reduce clutter or create a more efficient arrangement of items.

For example, I am getting food out of the refrigerator and I see expired food items in the refrigerator. Instead of putting my meal prep on hold and doing a clean sweep of the fridge, I pick one item of expired food and dispose of it properly then continue with my meal preparation. If I remove one expired item every time I open the fridge pretty soon I will be left with nothing but edible, ready to eat food.

If your kitchen table is a paper magnet like mine, just remove one piece of paper whenever you walk by the table. Put that junk mail in the trash, file important documents and set aside bills in a box or file out of sight and separate from your dining space. Eventually your kitchen table will look more like a dining area and less like a work desk.

The One Thing strategy works with overcrowded closets to. Let's say you are putting away your clothes after doing laundry. After you hang up or store items of clothing, quickly look at items shoved in the back of your closet or drawers. See if you can identify one item that you simply don't like to wear. Maybe it doesn't fit, doesn't look flattering or doesn't feel good on. Remove that item and put it in a donation bag by your front door. When the donation bag is full, put it in the trunk of your car when you go out and donate the items to a local thrift store.

Organizing is not an epic event that forces you to put your life on hold while you separate items into piles of keep, donate, and maybe. Repeat the process of doing one thing that only takes a few minutes often enough, you will see slow and steady progress. The results may are not as dramatic as a clean sweep, but they are satisfying. So go ahead and be lazy! Make organizing part of your normal daily routine that requires little time and effort then sit back and enjoy your clutter free home.