Burn Calories while Bargain Hunting

Shopping is a great way to stay in shape. When winter weather makes a walk in the park feel like a trek through the frozen tundra, head to your local retailer stores to get an exercise in inspiration. To burn calories while treasure hunting for home decor, head to a local shopping center in an enclosed building.

For design enthusiasts who enjoy checking out local architecture as well as checking out the latest home good bargains, visit Crown Center. After visiting house ware stores like Function Junction and checking out the latest sales and styles, take a walk in the sky through the glass enclosed bridge that connects Crown Center to Union Station. Union Station offers some unique retail shops, but the real attraction is the amazing architecture. The grand space boasts historic design details from elegant moldings gracing the walls that soars to a ornate ceiling adorned with stunning chandeliers.

If you love walking indoors but hate crowded shopping malls, visit Oak Park Mall shortly before they open. You can walk the entire length of this enclosed mall in about 10 minutes if you speed walk. After your walk pop into Barnes and Noble to check out their interior design books, visit the home goods sections of JC Penny and Dillards, and home decor shops in the mall. Oak Park Mall boasts plenty of budget friendly stores making it the ideal shopping destination to burn calories while bargain hunting.

To get fit at the IKEA store, skip the Swedish meatballs and take the stairs. This famous home furnishings store is so big there are arrows on the floor to keep shoppers moving in the right direction. The merchandise is designed to appeal to homebodies on a budget so you don't have to wait for a sale to find great deals. Because there are so many great products and design ideas to stop and check out, a tour through IKEA does not lend itself to speed walking. However, after walking through the entire store, you will feel like you got in your steps for the day.

For our last shopping trip we head north to Nebraska. Nebraska Furniture Mart that is. This two story building is a one stop shopping destination in Kansas City. Nebraska Furniture Mart offers a dizzying array of products for the home including electronics, mattresses, furniture, home decor, flooring, appliances and more. If you find the scope of the space and selection of affordable furnishings exhausting, just crash on a nice cushy couch and tell any salesperson that approaches you that you are testing out the furniture.