Shop Smart this Labor Day

Labor day the perfect weekend to celebrate America's favorite pastime, shopping! For serious shoppers it's a great time to score a deal on design essentials on the end of summer sales. Before hitting your favorite home furnishing stores here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • The Plaza area will be insane. The main streets will be so packed with cars they look like a parking lot. If you must join the throngs of people perusing the Plaza Labor Day weekend park on the outskirts for a fast getaway and get there early.

  • Some stores may be open Saturday and Sunday but closed on Labor Day. I you have a specific stores you are planning to visit, call ahead to check if they will be open before making a trip.

  • Window shopping for inspiration is free entertainment. For popular destinations like Crown Center, the Plaza and Oak Park mall before the stores open, to avoid the worst of the crowds. When the stores open, pop into you favorite stores then get out before the crowds swell to epic proportions.

  • Skip the shopping malls and visit less busy shopping destinations like mega furnishings store such as IKEA. IKEA has multiple levels, it's own restaurant and enough merchandise to make the local shopping mall weep with envy. You may need the help of a map and a tour guide to find your way around, but it's a fun way to check out the latest in contemporary furnishings.

  • Tired of cookie cutter design elements that look like they just fell off the assembly line? Shop for something unique and enjoy a blast from the past at your local antique mall, such as Mission Road Antique Mall.

  • Check out the Shop Local page to find stores that will make shopping over Labor Day weekend and labor of love.