Find Fresh Flower Ideas in this Inspiring Book

Fresh lives up to its title by offering a fresh approach to flower arranging. This beautiful book features the work of Southern floral artist Sybil Sylvester. The famous florist does more than arrange flowers; she uses inventive ideas and fresh plants to enhance her surroundings with fresh flowers and fresh ideas.

Many of her plants come straight from her own garden which gives her arrangements a less formal and pretentious look. Organically styled floral arrangements create the impression that this talented floral artist plucked a variety of fresh blooms from her garden and spontaneously threw them together. The author has mastered the art of

making these well crafted floral composition of colors, textures and shapes paired with the perfect container seem effortless.

This stunning book presents Sybil's most inspiring and distinctive floral designs, organized by season, plus some of her celebrated arrangements from a variety of special occasions. Naturally one of the celebrations featured is a wedding which gives the author ample opportunities to showcase her creativity and skill in everything from the smallest bouquet to larger than life floral arrangements.

Fresh includes a beautifully photographed how to section. Here Sybil encourages readers to create their own natural arrangements with a supplies lists and step by step instructions for a number of delightful designs. Like the rest of the book, the how to section is filled with her own inspiration and helpful advice. Bursting with the author's creativity, experience and genuine enthusiasm for nature and the art of flower arranging, Fresh is a celebration of floral beauty at its finest.