Bold Colors Brighten Up this Chic House

This colorful house tour is perfect for people who love vivid hues but don't know how to decorate with them. The Catalina model home by James Engle Custom Homes uses bold splashes of intense cobalt blue and juicy orange throughout this house to energize the interior spaces. The key to using bright colors to make a bold statement is to balance them with neutrals. This living room features two brilliant blue couches and a matching vase but the other colors in the space are mostly neutral.

Bright colors in small doses used in this bar area gives this recreational space a more unified look. Repeating the vivid orange and blue hues in various elements throughout the space, from the pillows, to the wall art to the glass ware, encourage the eye to travel throughout the room. The natural stone finish on the pillars introduces a natural element to prevent the space from appearing too slick and impersonal.

A zesty orange and brilliant blue color combo in this eating area will wake you up faster than your morning coffee! The model home is named after the island of Catalina, providing inspiration for the coastal themes fish pictures and portal shaped wall hanging. Floor, ceiling and walls are finished in the same shade of white, making the blue painted wall the undisputed focal wall of the space.

Bold colors can work beautifully in the bedroom when used as accents. A sea of soothing white and sand colors evoke a sense of serenity in this private space. Silky blue lamp shades, furry pillows, sleek picture frames and a plush upholstered bench and canvas artwork above the bed reveals how a variety of rich textures add visual interest to a room with a limited color palette.

The contrast of neutral colors on the outside of this home are just a taste of the bold decor waiting for you inside. While the inside relies on bold color choices to keep the design interesting, the outside relies on modern architecture with it's distinctive roof line and mix of materials, to arouse curiosity and invite a closer look.