Join the Crowd for a Better Open House Experience!

The best time to host an open house is when comparable homes for sale are also having an open house. Read on to discover the benefits of scheduling an open house when

other homes comparable in location, price and size are having their open houses.

The appeal of participating in an open house while comparable homes are also available for viewing is the flexibility it offers busy home buyers. Scheduling appointments to view

homes means the home buyer is limited to the specific agreed upon time to tour the house. Scheduling back to back appointments pressures home buyers to rush the home tour because they have another house viewing scheduled. With multiple open houses

taking place over the same afternoon, house hunters are free to leisurely browse each house to check out all the features and imagine its potential to be their new home.

Being able to tour multiple homes for sale the same afternoon is a huge convenience for families. Participating in an open house marathon the same day makes it easier for all decision makers, including parents, children and couples, to view the homes together and discuss the pro and cons of various homes as they tour them. When a home buyer tours an open house without a key decision maker present they have to come back to view the house at a later date. This delay increases the risk for buyers that the house may sell before all of the decision makers involved have had a chance to see the house.

For home buyers that schedule appointments with real estate agents to see many different homes over a period of days, weeks or even months it's hard to remember which houses made the best impression and why. These confused and overwhelmed house hunters welcome an opportunity to visit multiple homes for sale at the same time. Visiting various homes over the period of a couple of hours makes it easier for home buyers to compare their housing options while the different homes are still fresh in their mind. Home buyers may appreciate the features your home has to offer when they compare your home side by side with other homes they view.

Eager home buyers often stalk popular real estate web sites to check out the current crop of open houses in their desired neighborhoods to visit. Since they are already out looking at homes, it's easy for them to add a visit to your open house to their list of must see attractions. Home buyers shopping in higher numbers means more foot traffic during your open house. When potential home buyers see your house filled with other potential home buyers it creates a sense of urgency. The home buyer feels pressured to make a decision, or even an offer, before another house hunter snaps up their dream home.