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See Lighting Transform this New House

While many home builders feature lighting that is so boring and outdated it looks like it belongs in the dark ages, Rodrock Homes showcase sophisticated lighting designs that enhance the ambiance of their custom built houses. Their Telluride model pictured here,

features undermount lighting used to dramatic effect for the shelving in this office space.

This stark white and silver kitchen doesn't rely on color to create a dramatic statement. It makes a dramatic style statement with lighting. The unexpected glow of recessed lighting frames the kitchen cabinets to create a modern look that relies on light and shadow to create a focal point and turn a streamlined kitchen into a more interesting space.

Sleek and slender wall lights in this bathroom casts a flattering glow that is helpful when grooming. Wall lights do not cast shadows on the face like overhead lighting does. Notice the pot lights discretely placed throughout the ceiling. The combination of overhead and wall lighting offers the kind of even lighting you want in a bathroom.

With a subtle color palette, this bedroom relies on silhouette and shadow, to create the visual interest. The white ceiling acts as a blank canvas for the shadow play produced by he sculptural light fixture. The wide bed is flanked by a pair of teardrop shaped lamps whose proportions give them enough presence to balance out the dressers they sit on.

Forget the table accessories, the real centerpiece for the space is the industrial lighting fixture. This modern take on the chandelier is as much a decoration piece as a source of light. A group of glowing orbs hovering above the table in an almost organic arrangement is sure to make a great conversation piece.

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