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Increase Your Curb Appeal for a Faster Home Sale

Does you house make a good first impression or does that weed patch you call a lawn make your house look like it is abandoned? Making a good first impression is the first step to a faster sale when you put your house on the market. Whether you want to sell your home faster or are just tired of having the worst curb appeal on the block, these simple tips will help your house make a better first impression.

First, remove or repair anything that is damaged that is visible from the outside. Repair cracks in the sidewalk or driveway for a more inviting entrance. Replace that peeling coat of paint with a fresh coat in a light neutral color. Buy a new welcome mat if your current one is worn out and anything but welcoming.

A battered and ugly mailbox suggest that you only get junk mail (or hate mail from

neighbors with better taste). If your current mailbox looks like it was hit by a postal truck, replace it with a new mailbox that complements the style of your home. Show home buyers you care about all the details that go into making a home by making sure everything outside your home looks fresh and well maintained.

A dirty home looks run down no mater how new it is. Do a clean sweep of the outside of your house, just like you would do with the inside when you are trying to impress buyers. Clean windows, power wash flat surfaces that need it and sweep away cob webs and debris from walkways. A good cleaning can make even an older home look good as new.

Spruce up your yard by removing any dead leaves, plants and weeds. Trim trees and bushes so they are not blocking a window or entry, as seen in the picture above. A neat and freshly mowed lawn tells potential buyers that you take care of your house inside and out.

Remove items that are specific to your taste and lifestyle. You may think your collection of lawn gnomes is cute. Home buyers may think they are creepy. Just because you have kids doesn't mean the new home owners will. Replace those Big Wheels and Barbie dolls on the porch with a chic bistro set. This way home buyers can imagine themselves enjoying leisurely afternoons sitting out on the porch, after writing you a generous check for your fabulous home of course.

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