Enjoy a Huge Selection at Low Prices At Home

What the At Home décor store lacks in style it makes up for in quantity. The At Home store promotes itself as a home décor superstore and lives up to that description by packing in plenty of home related merchandise under one roof. At Home is designed for serious shoppers who value great selection at great prices over fancy displays and personal attention from sale associates.

Walking into the local At Home store for the first time you may be underwhelmed by the concrete floor and no nonsense atmosphere, but you will be impressed by the massive selection. The store carries hundreds of popular home essentials like pillows, rugs, mirrors, kitchen and dining, lighting and seasonal items like patio furniture. This is a store to shop for that missing piece you need for your home, whether it's a chair, accent table or decorative accessory.

The furnishings range in style from traditional to contemporary, with an emphasis on cash and carry furnishings. This isn't a store to shop for a huge sectional couch, massive armoire or special order pieces. Many of the pieces would fit inside the back of a van, pickup truck or generously sized trunk of a car.

While there are some displays that show how pieces could be used in a room, chairs paired with a coordinating table etc., most of the merchandise is conveniently arranged by category. Looking for a new mirror? Head for the section with a wide selection of mirrors that reflect your good taste. Looking for new pillows, you may want to cancel your plans for the rest of the day to allow time to take in the hundreds of pillows available.

What impressed me the most when I visited the At Home store in Olathe, was the selection of seasonal merchandise. The selection of patio furniture and outdoor décor was bigger and better than what you would find at a hardware store or any other superstore. The merchandise mix includes practical necessities like solar lights along with decorative items like pots.

This home furnishings "superstore" combines huge selection with small prices, making it a bargain hunters dream. The prices aren't dirt cheap (this is a superstore, not a thrift store) but they are accessible for design enthusiast on a budget. Design lovers with more taste than money are sure to feel at home in this stylish superstore.