Interior Design Master Class Showcases 100 of the Finest Designers in America

Why read a book that features the work of one fabulous interior designer when you could read a book that features one hundred? Interior Design Master Class collects the expertise and knowledge of the best interior designers working today. Interior Design Master Class features one hundred essays by America’s top designers that explore the process of designing a home, from concept to creation.

With one hundred essays from one hundred interior designers, spanning stylistic genres from classic to modern, this book highlights the expertise, insight, and work of established design legends, as well as fresh talent. Including such a diverse range of styles makes this book is inspirational for the home decorator, as well as design students and design professionals.

Grouped by theme, the subjects range from practical considerations (Bunny Williams on "Comfort," Etienne Coffinier and Ed Ku on "Floor Plans") and details (Victoria Hagan on "Light," Rose Tarlow on "Books") to inspiration (Jeffrey Bilhuber on "America" and Charlotte Moss on "Couture") and style (Kelly Wearstler on "Glamour," Thomas O’Brien on "Vintage Modern"). Each essay is paired with images of the designer’s work to illustrate the principles being discussed.

While some of the essays deal with practical considerations like floor plans, most of the essays focus of the philosophy behind the designs. In other words, you will learn a lot about how some designers think about their work, but you won't get a lot of how to advice you can apply to your own home. Some of the essays are pretty esoteric dealing with design philosophies, but they are all interesting.

The design styles vary widely, but there are some reoccurring themes in the essays. The designers tend to value authenticity over slavishly adhering to a strict design style.

Essays by different contributors often emphasize that great design reflects the likes and lifestyle needs of the clients and a designer must demonstrate personal empathy and understanding of clients' wants and needs in order to achieve great style. The essays often place a strong emphasis on personal meaning and comfort in the home. Even if the thoughtful essays don't inspire you, the vast collection of beautiful interiors pictured in the book will.