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High Contrast Creates High Style in this Modern Home

Modern style requires the finest materials and design. Each element has to fit into the overall scheme perfectly for the modern look to work. This Transitional Modern Reverse 1.5 story on Lake Lucille in Old Leawood, blends high end finishes with high contrast style. It features 8 foot wood double entry doors. marble and Quartz counters in the kitchen and baths and 4 inch thick native Kansas quarried stone.

The sharp contrast of light and dark colors throughout the home creates a sense of drama and continuity. A light colored rug defines the living room conversation area. The rug provides relief from the wide expanse of dark floor with a light neutral color that repeats the color of the walls and ceiling for a harmonious look. Dark wood of the floor is repeated on the wall enhancing the sense of connection between the two surfaces.

Dark kitchen cabinets paired with a dark wood floor sounds like a recipe for a dark cave like dwelling. This kitchen avoids cave like feeling through generous use of white and silver finishes. The light backsplash, counters and silver appliances lighten up the kitchen to create a more inviting cooking space. Clean lines create a sleek look ideal for a busy cooking space where simply fabulous meals are prepared.

Keeping things simple when decorating small spaces can have a big design impact. The clear glass desk virtually disappears in this home office and decorative accents are kept to a minimum. Having a limited number of objects in the room and limited color palette enhances the illusion that this small space is bigger than it is. Notice how the objects are spread out in the room, allowing each object to stand out on its own.

A minimalist design creates maximum impact by turning utilitarian elements like floating stairs into a dramatic design feature. Wine bottles featuring a variety of vintages are displayed like wall art while a larger than life bar commands attention in the main area.

For information on this home for sale, contact the Koehler Bortnick real estate team.

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