Art Fairs offer Free Entertainment

Attending an art fair can be a wonderful experience if you have a strategy designed to get the most out of the experience. The annual Prairie Village Art Show going on June 2-4 is such a major attraction that attending the art fair definitely requires a strategy.

Before deciding when to attend any fair, it helps to decide on an agenda. Why are you attending this art fair? Are you attracted to the free entertainment such as free music concerts? If there is a specific performance you want to enjoy be sure to arrive at the art fair at least a half an hour before the performance starts. This will give you time to find that all elusive parking space, find the stage area and have enough time to left over to snag a good seat.

Are you a serious shopper looking for original art pieces to put in your home? If you are a serious shopper then maybe you want to hit the art fair the first day they open as early as you can get there. Visiting the art fair the Friday it opens means beating the weekend crowds. The downside to attending first thing is that it might be harder to negotiate prices down since the vendors may not feel pressured to unload their merchandise until near the end of the art fair.

My agenda in attending any art fair is simply window shopping. It's fun to look at the kind of creative designs you find at art fairs that you won't find at your local mall. I am not a serious buyer and I couldn't care less about live concerts, so I my strategy is to attend the art fair on the last day and be there when it opens. By the last day the serious shoppers have come and gone and on Sunday people like to be leisurely and shopping attractions don't get seriously busy until noon. At least that's what I am hoping.

Do you like sampling new foods? There are plenty of vendors selling enticing, but not always healthy food. If you want to resist temptation and save some cash, eat a full meal before heading out to the art fair and keep a few granola bars on you to snack on when that overpriced art fair food starts to tempt you. Wherever you live I encourage you to check out your local art fairs, they are wonderful forms of free entertainment.