5 Ways to Love Your Home More

When you fall in love with a home and move in it's a fresh start. Moving to a new home gives you a chance to update your surroundings based on your current needs and style. When the original freshness wears off and your personal space starts to feel a little stale, it's time to rekindle the love by showing your home some love with these tips.

Breath some new life into your home with colorful floral bouquets or lush living plants. Fresh floral bouquets energize your space with fresh colors, scents and texture. Long lasting plants bring the organic beauty of nature indoors for a well lived look.

A cheap and easy way to freshen up your home is to fill it with appealing fragrances that delight the senses. Scents that make sense for a particular space enhance the positive associations for that space. For example, fragrances that smell like yummy food work best in a kitchen or dining area. A scent that evokes freshly laundered linens, like Clean Cotton from Yankee Candle, subtly enhances a bedroom or bathroom.

Whatever sounds are present make up the soundtrack of your home life. A blaring TV, the neighbor's barking dog or a loud dishwasher do not make for a pleasing soundtrack. Diffuse disruptive noise with the soothing sounds of instrumental music. Whether your musical tastes lean towards The Most Relaxing Classical Music in the Universe, jazz, Native American flute, Spanish guitar or new age sounds, there is an instrumental music CD that will make a beautiful soundtrack for your home.

Even if you can barely boil an egg you can still take pride in your kitchen by replacing worn out kitchen accessories with newer versions. Turn those shabby kitchen towels into cleaning rags and upgrade to more stylish towels like these Design Imports Great Oak Leaves Jacquard Assorted Kitchen Towels (Set of 4) from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Removing run down items shows you care about this place you call home.

Special pictures deserve to be showcased in a special frame. Make your favorite pictures the star of any table or bookshelf with Prinz Wedding Enchanted Silver Plated Picture Frame. Picture frames in different colors and materials look haphazard, like a bunch of random objects placed next to each other. To create a more chic and cohesive look, complement your other framed photos in the same room with silver frames.

These tips are just the beginning of a more beautiful relationship between you and your home. There possibilities fore quick and easy ways to show your home some love are endless. Make a habit of showing your home some love and soon you will be feeling the love for your home once again.