Cheap and Easy Kitchen Updates

Sometimes deciding on your next home purchase is as simple as identifying what is causing you the most pain. Is your kitchen so ugly and outdated the thought of cooking in it makes you lose your appetite? If a total gut job is not in the budget, consider cheaper cosmetic updates. Even small changes can instantly freshen up the space.

Remove things that cheapen the look of the kitchen. Replace outdated drawer and cabinet pulls with new ones in a more contemporary style. Go ahead and replace those worn out rags passing as dish towels with new ones that coordinate with your color scheme and tasteful design aesthetic.

Is the kitchen floor damaged in places? Cleverly camouflage these worn out or stained spots with a stylish floor mat or rug. Bed Bath and Beyond has some good options for kitchen floor mats. This works best in areas like right in front of the sink or stove. A random kitchen mat floating in the middle of the floor will look even weirder than the defect it is hiding.

Camouflage also works for giving you kitchen table and upgrade. I have owned a virtually indestructible Formica kitchen table for more years than I can remember. By covering the table with solid colored tablecloth in deep rich color the cheap table top is completely hidden and the focus is on the sumptuous table cloth, not the cheap table underneath it. When it comes to fabrics, designs woven into the fabric look richer that designs printed on top of the fabric and they won’t fade in like printed patterns often do. Camouflage with fabric also works with windows. Use a sheer fabric to let in the light and make an ugly view disappear.

You decluttered, updated the kitchen accessories and your kitchen still looks like the before picture on one of those popular home makeover shows, now what? For a real home improvement it’s time to invest some real money into your kitchen makeover. Perhaps your cabinets have good bones but are simply an ugly or feature an outdated color. The good news is that cabinets can be repainted by a local service professional. A fresh coat of paint can give new life to your old cabinets without the painfully high price tag of a complete remodel. To find local home improvement professionals see the Find a Professional directory of the Homes by Design KC web site.

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