Make Yourself Comfortable at Pottery Barn

The Pottery Barn store at Leawood Town Center Plaza is so inviting it’s tempting to grab a cup of coffee and crash on one of their cushy couches. This particular Pottery Barn is not a huge store like IKEA, but the modest size only enhances the sense of intimacy.

The cozy store is separated into different areas to enhance the sense of moving from room to room. Bath and bedroom products enjoy their own separate space with fully made up beds, a lighting gallery off the main floor, couches and furnishings arranged as if they are ready for company and tables set with dishes that look nice enough for special occasions, but are durable enough to use everyday.

Pottery Barn is famous for functional and attractive furnishings that respect classic styles while appealing to contemporary design enthusiast who wants to enjoy a comfortable life at home. Home decor pieces and furniture often look like updated versions of vintage inspired pieces. Some of the pieces are so true to their vintage roots the they looks like something you stumbled across shopping at some fabulous antiques store.

The Pottery Barn store features attractive furnishings and decor that make your favorite spaces feel more like a home. In an increasingly plastic and digital world, Pottery Barn emphasizes home decor items that look and feel real. Their merchandise often feature natural materials. Soft cotton quilts, stoneware dishes, solid wood tables, straw baskets, metal home decor accessories have a tactile and timeless appeal that keeps customers coming back looking for that perfect piece to furnish their nest.