Turn Your Home into a Cozy Retreat

The simple pleasures of staying home provide a pleasant escape from gloomy winter weather and a hectic holiday season. Here are some quick and easy tips to enjoy nesting at home even more.

  • Fill your space with flavorful and fragrant scents. A fragrant candle like this Marshmallow Fireside 3 wick candle from Bath and Body Works. Home scents that smell like yummy foods and natural elements like wood enhance the sense of feeling at home.

  • Nothing beats the winter blues like getting lost in an engaging book and a hot cup of tea. Find a cozy spot to curl up under a warm blanket to read a good book and enjoy a hot beverage at your leisure.

  • Make the bedroom more cozy with warm flannel sheets on the bed, Drape an attractive quilt or extra blanket at the foot of the bed for extra warmth and style. A quilt that looks like it came from grandma's house or a fuzzy blanket that begs to be touched creates the look and feeling of warmth when not in use.

  • Play soothing instrumental music at a low volume. You can find all kinds of music on popular web sites like amazon.com. Instrumental music playing in the background creates a relaxed mood and filters out less pleasant noises like traffic from outside.

Indulge in warmth and comfort with a Micro Flannel Lace Edged Sheet Set from Bed, Bath & Beyond.