Good Intentions Lead to Great Design

Great home design starts with good intentions. A well designed space satisfies your practical needs as well as your emotional needs for comfort, personal expression and simply feels like home the instant you walk through the door. Deciding between 527 shades of white paint to find the right one for you is hard. Deciding how you want your space to feel is easy. Explore your home one room at a time and consider how you want the different spaces to feel and function in a way that supports you.

How do you want to feel in your bedroom? Do you dream of a restful space awash in calming cool colors and soft fabrics? Would you prefer a wake up call of crisp white sheets and colorful home decor accents to make the space feel fresh? Whatever you do, don’t decorate your bedroom like one movie buff on a home makeover show who covered his walls in movie posters from horror flicks. No wonder his partner demanded a bedroom makeover. A poster from a Nightmare on Elm Street is not conducive to sweet dreams! Save the movie posters for the media room. Hobbies and interests are best displayed in places where they will help create the appropriate mood.

A well organized entrance can make a home feel more welcoming. Nothing says welcome home like a well designed entry. It encourages you to take a load off and relax. Simple updates like adding baskets for shoes, a console table with decorative bowl for keys and a well organized hall closet purged of old unused items always has space for everyday essentials. Making room for everyday essentials in a closet prevents your entry from looking like the aftermath of a crazy clearance sale on outerwear with clothing scattered all about. Small touches suggest that the home is prepared for the arrival of people and is welcoming you with open arms.

Decorating on a budget sounds boring, but it’s more fun than drowning in debt. Create an intention of staying within your budget and stick with it. Don’t let your ego make the buying decisions. Countless home makeover TV shows feature homeowners who approach a major makeover with the attitude ”It’s my dream home damn it, I will spend whatever it takes to get exactly what I want, I deserve it!” This attitude of entitlement is expensive and does not guarantee domestic bliss. It does however guarantee loads of debt destined to linger long after the interior design makeover is out of style.

While watching a home makeover show I was admiring a spacious newly remodeled kitchen featuring a kitchen island the size of Hawaii topped off with a granite slab. When the homeowner joked about how she didn’t cook but she still had to have granite countertops, I wondered if she will still be laughing when she is eating cheap take out food in this high priced, high end kitchen. Having a good design intention for a space is not about seeing how many pretty high end finishes you can pack into a room. Good design strikes a beautiful balance between your practical needs and personal style.