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How New Homes Create the Grand Illusion of Having a History

Old homes are known for their character. They are also known for bad plumbing, leaky windows and no hook ups for cable TV which means no HGTV or other lifestyle channels! If you love the look of old homes but can't imagine life without HGTV, the ideal home may be a new house that creates the illusion of having an interesting history. The aptly named Home with Heritage designed by NSJP Architects embraces the look and feel of a historic home while offering modern amenities.

Classic columns framing the balcony, traditional furnishings and the burnished gold finish

adorning the ceiling above the grand staircase lend the space a sense of patina. When all the stylistic elements come together in a way that creates such a cohesive story of traditional elegance, it's easy to forget that this is not a historic home.

Dazzling chandeliers, dramatic rug, fine furnishings and richly patterned drapes give the dining room its style, but the painted architectural details give this room its substance. Wainscoting between the windows, built in cabinetry, wood trim framing the entrance, and ceiling trim are subtle details that combined have a real impact on the overall design.

From the moment you step through the intricate glass doors, you are immersed in a space that celebrates the craftsmanship found in fine antiques and historic homes. The dark wood of the built in bookcase creates the feeling of a personal library where great books are enjoyed by the glow of a cozy fire. The shutters on the window blocks the view of the outside world, increasing the sense of intimacy and serenity in the room.

I never thought I would use the words "man cave" and "tasteful" in the same sentence, but this is one tasteful man cave! The antique looking carved wood piece above the bar, stone accented pillars and tile flooring mimic the kind of natural materials you might find in a historic pub. Between the beer stein collection and wine room behind the door, this entertaining space could give a real pub a run for its money.

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