Think Small: Make the Most of Every Square Foot is a Book Full of Big Ideas

Whether you're attempting to make a tiny studio look larger than life, create a cozy intimate spaces, or turn small awkward spaces into something special, House Beautiful Think Small: Make the Most of Every Square Foot shows you how to create grand gestures in small spaces. The book shows how big design ideas can work in small spaces. It features a variety of simple strategies for designing fabulous and functional well ordered spaces by taking advantage of vertical space, choosing furnishings that multitask, creating visual illusions that enhance the feeling of space and editing your possessions down to what works.

This inspirational guide includes an eclectic mix of style, from colorful over the top spaces to serene spaces in calming neutrals. From bold colors to large scale furnishings and glossy finishes, the pictures serve to reinforce the idea that bold design gestures are possible even in small spaces. And we are talking about some seriously small spaces, some of the studio apartments are less than 500 square feet. Some of the pictures in the book I loved, some of them I loathed but this book definitely worth a read. Thanks to the helpful text that accompanies the pictures that explains the principles of designing big in small spaces, I came away with plenty of stylish and practical design ideas.