Chic Clocks offer Timeless Style

A utilitarian alarm clock is fine for blasting you out of bed in the morning, but you deserve a more elegant way to mark the enjoyable moments spent at home than an ugly alarm clock with neon numbers. A well designed clock is the perfect marriage of style and function. Reminiscent of vintage timepieces, these stylish clocks from Ethan Allen have a classic look that make a timeless design statement wherever you hang them.

Get ahead of the design curve with the futuristic Infinity Instruments Hilton Wall Clock from Bed Bath and Beyond. The contemporary clock combines classic elements of clock design such as the pendulum, glass, wood materials, and black numerals displayed on a white face with a sweeping design adds a modern look to your wall décor. The unique shape and generous size of the clock make it and excellent focal point for your wall.

This picturesque Creative Motions Clock with 12 Frames from Target offers a convenient and attractive way to capture the good times with pictures of your favorite moments on display. The sharp geometric shape of the frames and clean lines of the clock ensure that no matter how nostalgic the images, this timepiece will always have a contemporary look that works well with a variety of decorative styles in a variety of spaces.

Get into the swing of things with a Pendulum Wall Clock from Crate and Barrel. Sharply contrasting silver numerals mark the time on this modern black wall clock that moves to its own beat. A pendulum swings in and out of view through a hole where the six would be. The clean and graphic style of this pendulum clock works well in a variety of settings at home and the office, wherever you spend your time.

Isn't it time you had an easy way to keep track of appointments and messages? The versatile Industrial Chalkboard Wall Clock from Pottery Barn is framed with a wide, magnetic chalkboard for holding notes and writing messages. This clever clock not only tells the time, but keeps you on schedule with plenty of space to post appointments or personal notes so you are ready for life's important moments. Hang this hard working clock in a kitchen or home office where plans are made and time is of the essence.