Hide the TV in Plain Sight with Style

Design loving couch potatoes don't have to sacrifice style for entertainment! When TV's were big, bulky and ugly they required and even bigger and bulkier cabinet to conceal the occupant's love of this design monstrosity. Thanks to the invention of slim TVs, the television can be on display without becoming the focal point of a room.

The most striking element of this media room is the dark blue paint on the walls that creates a rich and relaxing cocoon. Dark paint on wall makes TV virtually disappear while providing a dramatic counterpoint to the artwork. A dark paint in a matte texture absorbs light while glossy paint reflects light and can be distracting when watching TV.

The TV is surrounded with decorative furnishings that provide visual balance. The plush gray chair almost blends into wall while the light colored sofa draws the eye to the middle of the room away from the TV. A sleek cabinet below TV provides storage and a stylish contrast to the cool paint color. Cool colors recede while warmer colors come forward, so the honey colored cabinet doesn't need to be big in size to have a big design impact.

Black and white photos on the wall feature a wide white border that provides dramatic contrast against the dark wall. Photos placed around the TV creates a gallery wall effect that complements the TV. Notice that light reflecting objects like the pictures with a glass front, and the lamp are on the same wall as the TV. A glass front TV screen reflects light so if you place light reflecting objects directly across from TV there is a good chance these shiny objects will become an unintended part of the image on the TV screen.

Spaces KC magazine featured this media room by local designer Doug Wells of Wells Design Studio in an article titled Modern Marvel. After a close look at this room I did marvel at the design lessons that could be learned from this smartly designed space.

to see more of this designer's work read the Spaces KC article... Modern Marvel