Discover the Perfect Palette with The Color Scheme Bible

I suspect that all white rooms are designed for people who are afraid of color. I love color but like many design enthusiasts I am confused and overwhelmed by endless color choices and countless possible color combinations. The Color Scheme Bible: Inspirational Palettes for Designing Home Interiors by Anna Starmer provides much needed advice and inspiration.

Design expert Starmer has created 200 color combinations to fit any style and mood. The Color Scheme Bible offers a brief explanation on the color wheel, how light affects color and fun ideas for creating scrapbooks or a mood board for inspiration. The book includes only a handful of pictures of decorated rooms with most of the book dedicated to expertly selected palettes. Each palette includes eight hues: one main color with three variations, along with an overview and mood. Starmer suggests potential room applications such as a living room or kitchen, ideas for using color in furnishings and home accents, and color highlights, that provide balance or contrast to the main color.

I enjoyed the conversational tone of the book, some of the color descriptions are almost poetic. The easy to understand suggestions make the book accessible to even the most clueless home decorator. The author does such a wonderful job of evoking the mood of the colors and creating a vision of colorful possibilities that now I want to repaint my entire home!