Stunning Chandeliers and Ceiling Bling from RH

If you visit the ultra chic RH Leawood The Gallery at Town Center Plaza, take a look up. The biggest design stars of this mansion size furniture store are hanging from the ceiling and they are a stunning sight!

Inspired by opulent of Victorian English chandeliers, this lavish 19th C. Rococo Iron & Clear Crystal Round Chandelier adorns a rustic iron base with an abundance of clear crystal glass, precision-cut and polished for maximum refraction and sparkle. The fabulous faux candles pay homage to the real thing with a dripping wax design that adds visual interest minus the mess of real candle wax.

When I saw this chandelier at the RH Leawood The Gallery at Town Center Plaza my first impression was that it looked like a glamorous flying saucer. This heavenly Crystal Halo Chandelier ranges in size from 41 inches to a spectacular 71 inches. These kind of epic proportions for large rooms that require major design pieces to fill the void. The simple elegance of the shape showcases the crystal glass beads beautifully. The effect is modern glamour for adventurous design lovers.

Art Deco styling of 1920s Paris lives on in the sleek lines and glamorous design of this Helix Chandelier. A cascade of optical-quality glass prisms, arranged in a striking spiral, hang in sparkling counterpoint to a sturdy iron frame. The influence may be 1920's Art Deco, but the streamlined style evokes a sense of timeless glamour that would be at home in any modern mansion. The dazzling design it most at home in a space with high ceilings that accentuate it's long and lean silhouette.

Inspired by the sparkling lanterns of 19th century Morocco, the 19th C. Casbah Crystal Chandelier brings an element of exotic elegance to any space. This shimmering globe-shaped chandelier is strung with hundreds of multi-faceted crystals. Each crystal is polished by hand for a brilliant shine that lights up a room.