Modern Plant Containers offer Maximum Style

Nothing says "I hate nature" more than an overly ornate planter that completely upstages the plant it contains. With so many gorgeous planters on the market it's tempting to get seduced into thinking that boldly colored container or richly patterned planter is just the thing to spruce up your space. The problem with buying an eye catching planter is that it overlooks the fact that the plant is supposed to be the star of the show. Plants bring your space to life with texture, shape and subtle variations in color.

A simple planter from Crate and Barrel shows your appreciation for you nature by showcasing you plants instead of competing for attention. Simple does not mean boring. Just look at the dramatic effect these Bronze Tall Tapered Planters from Crate and Barrel achieve with sleek lines and a deep color.

Freshness fanatics rejoice! You can spice up your healthy meals and well crafted cocktails with herbs you grow, snip and eat. It doesn't get any fresher than that. This streamlined Herb Planter with Scissors is designed to take up very little counter space. Clean lines and pure white color give the planter a contemporary look that works well in any modern kitchen. The cleverly designed hollowed out space on the end holds the herb scissors so you don't have to go digging for them. Digging may be relaxing when working in the garden, but it's no fun when trying to find your stuff.

This graceful Metal Bird Planter cradles small houseplants or flowers. The sculptural aluminum planter is crafted in the graceful shape of a bird. The strong black color will not only accentuate the color of your vibrant plants beautifully, it also accentuates the timeless and elegant shape of the planter. When pairing a plant with a planter keep scale in mind. If the plant is too big and bushy it will visually drown out the planter while too delicate of a plant is hardly noticeable when housed in an oversized planter.