Surprisingly Stylish Acrylic Glasses from Pier 1 Imports

Plastic red cups popping up like weeds everywhere used to be a common sight at casual summer gatherings, but today there are plenty of practical and attractive alternatives to these red plastic eyesores. Casual alfresco friendly drink ware is now available at Pier 1 Imports in a variety of styles to suite every taste.

Class up your Fourth of July picnic or treat any casual get together like a special occasion with these rich red Clarity Acrylic Stemware - Red. These glasses are a welcome guest at both dressy and casual get togethers. This acrylic drinkware is practically indestructible; they're top-rack dishwasher-safe and shatter-resistant. Given their elegantly sleek good looks and durable design, they make it possible to entertain at home with ease and style.

Until you pick a glass up and feel how light it is, the appeal of these Gaze Acrylic Tumblers - Clear is not entirely clear. The deceptively elegant drinkware does a beautiful job of impersonating delicate crystal glasses but in reality they are highly durable indoor/outdoor drinking glasses made of lightweight acrylic. The clear acrylic has the same look and feel of clear glass, but the dishwasher safe glasses are much more practical than fancy dishes for casual dining.

This colorful Stackable Acrylic Drinkware Set provides the perfect solution for those occasions when you have plenty of guest but not plenty of table space. Stackable and shatter-resistant, this colorful quartet just needs a tasty beverage to kick off your pool party or picnic. A practical benefit of all those different pretty colors is that it makes it easy for partygoers to identify which glass is theirs after they have set it down.

I see the future of entertaining at home and it does not include jumping up every five minutes like a jackrabbit to pour refills or freaking out over broken glasses. No, the future of entertaining is all about the host being just as relaxed as the guests. The sleek good looks of this generous 18 ounce Clarity Acrylic Tumbler - Blue is at home at any picnic or casual summer get together. The acrylic tumbler is practically indestructible; it’s top-rack dishwasher-safe and shatter-resistant.

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