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Crossroads Art District First Friday



How to Impersonate an Art Snob at Crossroads Art District First Friday Events





















Can’t tell the difference between an abstract painting and a ketchup stain? Longing to enjoy the experience the fabulous art exhibit/ gallery openings at the Crossroads Art District First Friday events, but are afraid of looking more like a class clown that a class act?  Here are some tips for hitting the art scene without causing an embarrassing scene.

  • Be a smart art student and do a little homework before heading out. The web site for the gallery or museum you are interested in visiting should have pictures and descriptions of the type of art that will be on display. This helps you decide which exhibits are a must see and gives you a better understanding of both the art and the artists.

  • Does looking at modern art make you feel full of wonder, as in you wonder exactly what you are looking at and why it’s considered art? Master the art of conversation with art aficionados by keeping your comments vague. Comments like “I’ve never seen anything quite like that” or “This piece is certainly interesting” are open to interpretation and don’t reveal your ignorance of the subject matter. Sometimes the best way to sound smart is to shut up and let someone more informed or at least more opinionated do the talking. When mingling with people who look and act like art connoisseurs, ask their opinion on the gallery offerings and let them do the talking .  

  • While food is sometimes present, art gallery openings are not an all you can eat buffet! The free beverages and snacks provided at gallery opening are intended to enhance the party atmosphere/treat for patrons. Hoarding food like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter or drinking like a fish is not classy. Enjoy a great meal at a local restaurant before heading out to enjoy the art scene. Satisfying your appetite beforehand makes it easier to leisurely sip and snack like a true sophisticate, and not dive into the appetizers like an Olympic swimmer.

  • Dress for the occasion. Wearing shredded jeans and an ill fitting T-shirt may get you mistaken for a starving artist. Wearing black looks chic as long as your clothes fit well and are flattering. Or show off your colorful personality in clothes that feature patterns and design graphics that are a work of art in their own right. Any kind of art tour involves lots of walking on hard surfaces like concrete sidewalks and wooden floors. Invest in chic and comfortable shoes that can easily make the trek from one art gallery to the next.

  • Trying to take in all of that great art in, like cramming for a class exam. When there is so much great art to see and not enough time in one evening to see it all, it’s time to prioritize. Visit the web sites for the various galleries participating in the First Friday Crossroads Art District events and pick galleries whose artwork speaks to you and focus on those pieces. Spending quality time with a limited selection of pieces allows you to relax and take the time to truly appreciate the experience.

  • Now, the most important tip of all. Have fun! Art openings are an opportunity to experience something new and different. Invite your friends or family members on your adventures through the art world and encourage them to share their thoughts and insights on various art pieces. It’s interesting to see art through someone else’s eyes to gives you a fresh perspective and the kind of insight that will make it easier to become a true art aficionado.  


The hugely popular Crossroads Art District First Fridays event happens the first Friday of every month starting at 5 p.m.. Ats organizations, galleries, studios, and a variety of local businesses showcase the work of talented local and national artists. Live entertainment energizes the crowds and enhances the festive atmosphere of the event.

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