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Are you maximizing your web site content to connect with home buyers and sellers?

As a successful agent, you pride yourself on providing your clients with personalized attention and excellent service. With your thriving career, you don’t have time to spend hours writing an engaging real estate blog and newsletter. The smart solution is to add a content writer who specializes in real estate to your team. Crafting engaging blog posts and newsletters that evoke emotion and offer value takes more than skill. It takes time. Hiring a professional property writer frees you up to do what you do best (selling), while I concentrate on creating engaging real estate copy that converts casual readers into new clients.

Hiring a local real estate writer to create customized content for your website or newsletter gives you a competitive edge to find new leads, refresh your marketing strategy and maximize your relationship with happy clients for referrals. Building a relationship with new leads through well-written content establishes trust and enhances your personal brand. As a professional content writer

I create high-quality content for your real estate website that attracts followers and helps your brand thrive online and in print.  

To engage with potential clients, you need a writer who can communicate with sincere enthusiasm and knowledge about the local real estate market. No one knows the local market like a local writer. After years of living the good life in Kansas, I have first hand knowledge of the neighborhoods, amenities, and topics of interest to local homeowners. I appreciate what Johnson County and the greater KC metro area has to offer and understand how different areas appeal to different types of homeowners. Hiring a content writer frees up your time to grow your business. Based in Kansas, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your content will be written by a copywriter who understands your market.

Publish engaging content that builds a thriving real estate business

As a professional real estate content writer, I will help you publish insightful blog posts that position you as a neighborhood expert. a few of the more popular content categories to consider in a real estate content marketing strategy include:

  • Overviews of neighborhoods, communities, school districts and local amenities

  • Frequently asked questions about every aspect of the real estate industry

  • Articles that spotlight a unique property, hot new listing, client story or industry trend

  • Details about local restaurants, parks, museums and points of interest


Like and overpriced house in a bad neighborhood, outdated web content posts will not attract the right clients. Homebuyers conduct detailed research online before making a move. seeking locally-focused content from real estate agent blogs. If you hire me as your real estate writer I will deliver fresh, hyperlocal information online, so buyers and sellers in your area will consider you an important resource before you meet in person. As an accomplished expert in crafting emotive and engaging copy, I create content that captures attention and builds your reputation as an expert offering helpful advice.


Working with a real estate writer makes your brand stand out

The real estate industry is super competitive, so establishing yourself as a local expert with an informative blog sets you apart from other agents in your area.  As a content writer I make an impact with a vibrant, informative online presence. Having clear buyer personas in mind helps you create content that resonates. For maximum impact, every post should target a specific segment of your desired audience. For example, you might specialize in buyers who have specific needs such as open land, first-time buyers, the luxury market and countless other demographic areas. Consider promoting yourself as a neighborhood expert for a few desirable areas rather than targeting your entire city or metro area.


Think about your ideal client’s income, lifestyle, problems and needs when it comes to real estate. Send a short survey to your email list or your past clients if you need more information to develop an accurate consumer persona. With this information, I can craft blog posts and other types of content that speak directly to those clients you are looking for. Using specific keywords and posting content on your web site helps you boost traffic and attract clients. Boosting your website traffic doesn’t just increase brand awareness of your business. It also improves your ability to market properties for clients who are selling their homes.


Relevant real estate content builds your client list

Your website is a powerful tool to attract tech savvy clients who use the web to hire a real estate agent. Website content builds relationships with clients by consistently offering helpful and engaging advice. If your professional page isn't driving online traffic, you’re missing out on an opportunity to connect with home buyers and sellers online. Content marketing also lets you capture the valuable first-time home buyer audience as well as maintaining a relationships with previous clients for referral marketing.

By writing fresh content for your real estate website I can get you more leads and more exposure as an expert in the industry.

In addition to writing for potential clients, as your personal real estate content writer I can create blogs that appeal to previous clients on your contact list you built from years in the business. Building your brand as a trusted industry resource can lead to valuable referrals. Building a local community around your blog also gives readers a reason to keep coming back.

Drive more traffic to your website with SEO optimized blog posts

If an interested client looks up your website to learn more about you and finds ancient articles with generic information they will bounce like a bad check. As a professional writer, I have the expertise to create brand-new articles and blog posts that showcase your business in the most flattering light. Without frequent updates and content that offers real value to the reader, your blog traffic will disappear and your search engine rankings will drop. Regular blog posts with original, well-written, relevant information will increase your site’s SEO performance and bring new prospects into your sales funnel.

Keywords let you answer the questions your would-be readers look for online. You can build traction by answering the most common questions you get from your existing clients. To serve as a valuable resource, your blog needs to teach your audience about interesting topics in real estate. By working with me to consistently focus on a few keywords and write readable, engaging information, your website will begin to rank for those keywords and attract an audience.

Content maximizes your social media strategy 

If you want to connect with customers through content marketing, you need to be on social media. Building a blog and creating content opens up opportunities to share with your audience on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond. Social shares will drive conversation around your content and expand the reach of your brand. Working with me means you have consistent blog posts to share on these social media platforms. Having fresh content available to publish makes using social media more effective because like a good neighbor, when readers discover something great, they want to share it.

Are you ready to turn your web site into a lead generating machine? To learn more about how I can help you to attract your ideal clients and give you a competitive edge, check out my Work with Me page now!


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